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What is this Zero Budget Natural Farming ?

Zero Budget Natural Farming means for all the crops, the production cost will be zero. In the Zero Budget Natural Farming nothing has to be purchased from the outside. All things required for the growth of the plant are available around the root zone of the plants. There is no need to add anything from outside. Our soil is prosperous-full of nutrients. How much nutrients the crops takes from the soil? Only 1.5 to 2.0 % Remaining 98 to 98.5% nutrients are taken from air, water & solar energy. Agriculture Universities says false that we have to add fertilizers from outside. If science says, that 98% crop body is constituted by air and water, then where is the need to add the fertilizers from the outside? Every green leaf produces the food throughout the day. These green leafs are food producing factories. What is used the leaves for producing the food? It takes carbon dioxide & nitrogen from the air, water from the canal, river or well given by the monsoon clouds, and solar energy from the sun for producing the food. Every green leaf of any plant produces 4.5 gram carbohydrates per square feet surface, from which we get 1.5 gram grains or 2.25 gram fruits. For preparing this food, the plants take necessary elements like air, water and solar energy from the nature, not from us. Monsoon clouds do not send any bill for the water that he supplied. Neither air sends bill for the nitrogen it supplied or the sun for the solar energy. All these are available free of cost. Green leaves do not use the technology of the Agriculture University for taking CO2 from the air or solar energy from the sun. Whether monsoon clouds use the technology of Agriculture University for giving rainwater? No! All these elements constituting 98% body of the plant are available free of cost. Remaining 1.5% nutrients taken from the soil are also available free of cost as it is taken from the prosperous soil which is enriched with these nutrients. Moreover, for this it does not use the technology of the Agriculture University.
If this is the ultimate truth, then where is the role of Agriculture University and their technology? Where are the Government and their subsidy? Where are these Krishi Pandits? Friends, none of them are existed here, they fool us. Agriculture University says that there is nothing in the soil and we have to add fertilizers from outside. Then my question to them is why it is not necessary in the forest? In the forest or on the bunds of our farm, there are huge trees of Mango, Tamarind or Plum with uncountable export quality fruits in famine also without any application of chemical or organic fertilizers, insecticides, without any cultivation by tractor, without irrigation. There is no existence of any technology of the Agriculture University, no fertilizers, insecticides, cultivation and irrigation. Even though these trees are giving enormous export quality fruits every year in famine also. That means, for the plants to grow and to give the production there is no necessity of adding from outside.
If it the ultimate truth that without adding from outside, the plants grows and give the production. It means that, all the nutrients needed for the growth and production are available around the root zone. There is no need to add it from outside. In the forest, there is no human existence, but, even though the trees are having enormous fruits. That means nature had supplied all the nutrients needed for the plant. Our soil is prosperous-enriched with the nutrients! When I say that our soil is enriched with the nutrients, then I have to prove it scientifically. Now we will see the scientific evidences for it. In year 1924, Dr. Clark and Dr Washington, the world famous soil scientists came to India in search of crude oil. Barmashell Company sends them in search of petroleum products in India. They taken the samples of the thousand feet deep soil and tested it at the American laboratory. The result shows that as we go deeper in the soil, the nutrients needed for the growth and production of the plant are in the increasing quantity. Our soil is prosperous-enriched with the nutrients.
If the scientific evidences say that the soil is enriched with the nutrients, then why Agriculture University says for soil testing? It is also another fraud. The soil testing report says that there is enough amount of Potash in the soil but it is in unavailable form. So, add it from outside. Actually, they are not saying false. They say true but half true. Our soil is enriched with nutrients, but these nutrients are not in the form, which the roots want. These nutrients are available in the form of grains not in the form of Chapati or Roti. If there is enough amount of grains in your house, but nobody (your wife, mother) to cook it. And you do not know cooking, then either you have to be hungry or go to hotel. You will definitely go to the hotel. If we do not want to go to hotel, then you have to bring back your mother or wife. These chemical or organic fertilizers are the teefins of the hotel.
The nutrients in the soil are in the unavailable form. They are in the form of grains not Chapati or Roti. The roots cannot take it in this form. Therefore, the soil testing report says that it is in the unavailable form. This non-available form is converted to available form by the millions of micro-organisms. In the forest, these micro-organisms are present in tremendous amount (One crore or lack per gram soil) that convert these non-available form nutrients into available form and make available to the plants. That is why there is no need to add any fertilizers from outside in the forest.
However, in our farm these nutrients are not available because the micro-organisms which convert these non-available from nutrients into available from are destroyed by means of poisonous chemical and organic fertilizers, insecticides, weedicides and cultivation by the tractor. If these cooks are destroyed them how the roots will get the nutrients? That means if we want to stop the teefins from the hotel, then we have to re-establish these micro-organisms in the soil. How it can be done? By applying the cow dung of our local cow. The cow dung of the local cow is a miraculous culture. As our mother or wife add a spoon curd (culture) to the pot full of milk and whole milk is converted into curd. Likewise, the local cow dung is a culture. One gram of cow dung contains about 300 to 500 crore beneficial effective microbes.
How much cow dung is needed for one-acre land? I had done research on this for six years. I had studied all Indian cow breeds like Gaulao, Lal Kandhari, Khilar, Deoni, Dangi, Nimari from Maharashtra; Gir, Tharparkar, Sahiwal, Redsindhi from West India; Amrutmahal, Krishna kathi, from South India and Hariyana from North India. I have tested the cow dung and urine of all these breeds on every crop, in each Naxatra, in each Charana of each Naxatra. After six years of research, I found some conclusions.
First conclusion is that only cow dung of our local cow is effective not of Jersey or Holstein. We can mix half cow dung and half the dung of bullock or buffalo, but not of Jersey or Holstein at any cost. Secondly, the cow dung and urine of black colored Kapila cow is most effective. Thirdly, the cow dung should be used as fresh as possible and the urine as old as possible. It is more effective. Fourthly, only one cow is needed for thirty acres of land. You need not have to purchase the F.Y.M., chemical or organic fertilizers like compost, vermi-compost etc. My six years experimental result says that for one acre land, only ten kilogram of local cow dung is sufficient per month. One local cow gives on an average about 11 Kg of cow dung, one bullock about 13 Kg of dung and one buffalo about 15 Kg dung per day. For one acre one day’s cow dung is enough. That means thirty days cow dung for thirty acres. There is no need to purchase the F.Y.M. in bulk quantity. I started thinking, what should be added in the cow dung? I examined the forest. I found there the excreta of the animals, birds, earthworms, insects and their urine around that huge tree with uncountable export quality fruits. I thought there must be definitely some relation between the excreta of the animals, birds, insects, earthworms with the production and growth of the plant. One gram of local cow dung contains 300 to 500 crore beneficial effective microbes. These micro-organisms decompose the dried biomass on the soil and get available the nutrients to the plants. Nature uses the dung and urine of the various animals, birds, insects and earthworms in his self-developing, self-nourishing system. That means the use of cow dung and urine is very natural and hence scientific.
I found in the shadow of that huge tree in the forest, few insects like ants working there. But in the shadow only, not outside the shadow. I examined and studied this nature’s self-developing, self-nourishing system for six years. I saw that some sweeteners are secreted from the roots to attract the micro-organisms. In addition, these micro-organisms get available the nutrients from the soil to the root zone. There is symbiosis in the nature. Science had proved this. If nature uses the sweeteners to attract the microbes, then why not we use it? I thought why not to add some sweeteners with cow dung? I started adding Jaggery with the cow dung and urine and examined its effects on each crop in each Naxatra. The results were fantastic.
I found the various vegetation in the shadow of that huge tree in the forest. I verified those vegetations. I found 268 different species. Among them 3 parts were dicots and one-part monocots. I surprised! Why this proportion 3:1? I thought that the dicot contains proteins and proteins are saturated with solar energy. The matured seed falls down. They are decomposed and the energy enclosed in it gets available to the micro-organisms and the micro-organisms are multiplied. I thought why should not add the dicot flour to the cow dung, urine and Jaggery. I started experimenting with cow dung, urine, Jaggery and dicot flour in different proportions. I found after continuous six years experiments one formula, which I named as Jiwamrita. I had used those things in the Jiwamrita that the nature uses. For preparing Jiwamrita, we have to use dung and urine of our local cows only and not of Jersey or Holstein. Because the Jersey or Holstein is not cow, it is a different animal. It has not a single character of cow (Zebu Family). In my experiments of Jiwamrita, I found some conclusions. Firstly, we have to use the dung and urine of the local cow only. If it is not available in sufficient quantity, you can use half of Bullock or Buffalo, but not alone of Bullock or Buffalo. Secondly, the cow that gives more milk, its dung and urine is less effective and which gives less milk, its dung and urine is more effective.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jeevamruta or Jeevamrutha or Jiwamrita ( Nectar of Life )

The yield-centered orientation to agriculture has met with dissent in different parts of the country over the last three decades. One of the highly creative and robust voice of dissent belongs to Subhash Palekar, a philosopher of agriculture from Maharashtra, India. Accessible only in Marathi for a long time, his thoughts on agriculture have recently become available in a two-volume book in English, The Philosophy of Spiritual Farming: Zero Budget of Natural Farming.

Palekar’s ideas on natural farming evolved from his research done in Maharashtra between 1988 and 1996.Using eclectic textual evidence from the Vedas, historical and literary works, he claims to have rediscovered principles of natural farming that existed a few thousand years ago. Natural farming, for Palekar, is a “spiritual penance (sadhana)” incorporating the ascetic practices of self-purification and self-mastery. He believes in a method of cultivation which makes the already existing nutrients in the soil, such as phosphate, potash, zinc and calcium available in absorbable form by the plants. This is made possible by the millions of micro-organisms present in Jeevamruta (Nectar of Life), a solution Palekar obtained from a mixture of water, dung and urine of indigenous cattle, jaggery and besan flour. Seed and plant diseases are treated with the help of cheap easily available materials like buttermilk, black pepper, neem and tobacco. Jeevamruta is not a fertiliser; it only activates the soil ingredients necessary for a plant’s healthy growth. Since it is to be mixed with the water normally given to plants (or just sprinkled across the field, in the case of dry land cultivation), it involves a lot less labour than that required for putting fertilisers and pesticides. Palekar also offers detailed prescriptions for mulching, soil aeration and pest control, suggesting alongside the modifications required in their application across different crops and soil conditions. The valuable knowledge present in traditional farming, he angrily reminds us, has not found research attention at the agricultural universities. Besides enabling the growth of safe, healthy produce, Palekar’s model eliminates the cost of fertilisers, pesticides and seeds and greatly reduces the incentive to borrow, one of the chief causes for farmer suicides in the country. Hence its evocative title, Zero-Budget Natural Farming.

Palekar distinguishes his model from organic farming, usually seen as the alternative to chemical farming. While vermicompost, biodynamic and other kinds of organic farming avoid the use of artificial chemical inputs they still violate the principles of natural farming since their methods do not enable processes of self-replenishment found in nature. Now an industry with massive commercial interests, the techniques of organic farming are also proving to be unaffordable for individual farmers. After meeting with considerable success in Maharashtra, Palekar has aroused much curiosity among farmers in Karnataka. The levels of excitement caused by his ideas have not been seen since Masanobu Fukuoka’s cult book on natural farming,One Straw Revolution, became available in Kannada in 1988. Many politically committed groups have extended a spirited reception to his ideas. Swami Anand, a Mysore-based farmer-activist, has helped co-ordinate over 70 heavily attended workshops and demonstrations of Palekar’s agricultural methods across the state in the last three years. (More than 900 such workshops have been organised in Maharashtra). Palekar was present for many of these events, lecturing in Hindi, with a Kannada translator by his side, on the evils of the agrochemical industry and the importance of reviving the land through natural farming. Over 50,000 farmers are now practicing his method on their fields in Karnataka. Anand’s book on Palekar’s philosophy of natural farming, written in Kannada, has sold more than 40,000 copies. So far, he has conducted hundreds of workshops to teach farmers of different states.

Palekar wants agriculture to remain a livelihood option in rural India. He wishes to renew faith in natural farming and its ecological sanity at a time when talk of economic growth rates, IT, biotechnology, India’s imminent super-power status and the like threatens to colonise our imagination of the future. Palekar’s proposal for living with the soil is, without doubt, a refreshing episode in contemporary Indian politics.

Jeevamrutha, popularized by Shri Subhash Palekar, is considered to be a panacea for the prosperity of small farmers. It is important to provide a congenial environment to microorganisms that help in making available the essential nutrients for plant growth viz., nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, to the plants. Jeevamrutha provides such an environment to beneficial microbes. Application of Jeevamrutha to soil improves the soil considerably. It also encourages microbial activity in the soil.
Preparation method with Tagalog Translation:
( Note: Jeevamruta or Jeevamrutha or Jiwamrita ( Nectar of Life ) is the same, vary in pronunciation in India )
Ingredients (Sufficient for 1 acre)
Water - 200-250 lts (Tubig)
Cow dung - 10-15 kgs (Dumi ng Baka)
Cow Urine - 3-4 lts (Ihi ng Baka)
Jaggery - 1-2 kgs ( Sangkaka o panutsa o asukal na pula o muscovado )
2 Kg Pulses flour ( Balatong - giniling o pinulbos )
Soil under a tree or un-disturbed location form the same land - 2-3 handfuls.
Drum or 55-gallon drum - metal or plastic will do
Wooden or bamboo sticks (For stirring / Panghalo)
Note: If no available cow or cattle, you can use carabao, horse or goat or any ruminant for dung and urine.
Mix all of them in a drum and keep them in a shade for 3-4 days. Stir the mixture once a day. Apply the mixture when the ground is wet for the plants. This seems to work wonders for the plants due to increased microbial activity by 3rd and 4th day. This is an excellent culture for enabling the exponential increase of beneficial microbes. The microbes are added thru 2-3 handful of local soil.
Though it can be used even after 6-7 days, its quite a challenge getting near the mixture due to overpowering stench, hence advisable to use this within 3-4 days of preparation.

Note: The same as the above formula)
Jiwamrita (Microbial Culture)

How to Prepare Jiwamrita

Take 200 liter Water in barrel.

Take 10 Kg Local Cow Dung and 5 to 10 liter cow urine and add it in the water.

Then add 2 Kg Jaggery, 2 Kg Pulses flour & handful soil from the bund of the farm in it.

Then stir the solution well & keep it to ferment for 48 hours in the shadow.Now Jiwamrita is ready for application.
Jiwamrita Application
Apply the Jiwamrita to the crops with each Irrigation water OR directly to the crops.
Jiwamrita Spray
Spray 10% filtered Jiwamrita on the crops.

Take 100 Kg Local Cow Dung, 2 Kg Jaggery, 2 Kg Pulses flour, Handful soil from the bund. Then mix it well by adding small amount of Cow Urine. Then spread it & keep it in the shadow for drying. Afterwards make its powder by hand & apply to the crops in the proportion of 100 Kg FYM (Farmyard Manure o Dumi ng Hayop tinuyo ) & 10 Kg Ghan-Jiwamrita

Visit website for details:

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Greetings from Jhumra City Pakistan!

We trust that you are keeping well by His grace & mercies. I know you have a great burden in your heart for Nation of Pakistan and especially poor Christian Community facing flood problems. Our prayers are that our Heavenly Father is blessing you with richest mercies and great joy in your precious walk with Him daily. May Jesus be your constant guide, comfort and help as you journey along life's pathway? We don’t forget to you are your family, wonderful ministry. Truly you & your family, ministry, co-workers, best friends, relatives are always in my heart, thoughts, mind, and our daily prayers. Reverend Pervaiz khokhar and all team members keeping well and rejoicing in the Love and grace of our Lord daily and enjoying precious fellowship and communion with our savior Jesus and we pray you are too. What a joy to have Jesus as Lord and savior of our lives, for nothing in this world is more precious than the Love we have in Jesus. When you have Jesus, you
have a rich inheritance in Heaven.

The Flood in four Province of Pakistan?????

We will share with you urgent prayer request for Pakistani Christian Community is facing flooding problems, many challenge. At least 12 Millions people are disturbed & affected, victim so far issued new flood warnings, as heavy rains are expected to inflict more misery on areas where at least 1,500 people have already been killed and 1200,000 more have lost their homes were damaged and a key trade highway to China was blocked by the flooding. The entire infrastructure we built in the last 50 years has been destroyed.

Pakistan's National Disaster Management Authority estimated that roughly three million people were now affected by floods in the country - 1.5 million in the northwest and the same number in Punjab. The rush of water spilling from rivers in Punjab has threatened to destroy vast areas of crops, prompting the United Nations to warn that an estimated 1.8 million people might need food aid in the coming weeks.

People sought refuge on rooftops and tried to bring their livestock up as far as possible. In the northwest, rising water levels at Warsaw Dam, the country's third biggest, prompted disaster officials to ask residents in the northern outskirts of Peshawar city to leave their homes. Families are stranded and desperate for food. There are 120,000 children in the region, many of whom are already going hungry. When aid does get to them the atmosphere can be very tense. Many residents who lost their homes and livelihood also complained that they had not received any advance warning that raging waters were heading their way. The military said more than 54,000 people had been rescued from flood-hit areas and moved to safer places, with 40 helicopters and 450 army boats mobilized as part of the rescue effort.

Many millions people have lost their lives; many more are stranded and exposed to disease and extreme lack of food. Thousands have been displaced. Other impacts include the loss of livestock and damage to agricultural crops and fields. It is estimated that more than a million people have been affected thus far; the total estimated damages and affected population are yet to be determined due to inaccessibility caused by rising flood waters and disruption to communication networks. Immediate needs include food, water, tents and other non-food items. The Swat valley, which has yet to recover from a major Pakistani army offensive against Taliban fighters just over a year ago, is one of the areas worst affected by the floods. Large parts of the valley's upper regions, reached by a riverside road, are inaccessible. Scores of bridges, roads and building have been washed away by the torrents. Swat, in northwestern Pakistan, was hit the hardest by the floods which submerged extensive areas, brought down bridges and swept away entire villages.

We request to you please send us help to help the disturbed & affected, victim people in flooding through prayer & financial support very small scale like ($,£,€,15,25,35,50,100,250,500,1000) help for our this persons. Please do not hesitate to send us and contact with us. We have made donating easier for those off you whom the Lord speaks to concerning making a donation. You can do transfer to our electronic funding account or (Western Union or Money Gram) please see information given below:-

1. Accountholder: The Preaching Society & Social Welfare Services
2. Account: National Bank of Pakistan Jhumra City Branch Pakistan
3. Account Number: 1126-8
4. International Swift Code: NBPAPKKAX02F

We are sharing with you other ministry information, financial statement years 2008-2009, 2010 and seven moths of years 2010 etc. Truly I have received income & collect donation in years 2008-2009. The financial statement of years 2008 ($2470.00,£200.00,€207.00). The financial statement of the years 2009 ($725.00,£100.00). The financial statement of the years 2010 ($NIL,£NIL,€NIL). Truly I have above mentioned amounts collect donation in years 2008-2009 some friends from around the world. But don't receive any kind of amounts years 2010 from all friends or donors during the 08 months helps from ministry needs.

We have urgent need providing primary school, medical dispensary, maternity home preaching staff, utility bills etc. Our all staff is much worried in delay 08 months salaries matter. I have decided some months stop primary school, medical dispensary, maternity home projects lack of money and I have decided finding part-time private job fulfilled & paying preaching, primary school, medical dispensary, maternity home staff salaries, utility bills & other ministry months expenses. Truly at present I have doesn't afford primary school, medical dispensary, and maternity home, preaching staff salaries, utility bills & other ministry month’s expenses. Do you possible to provide us personal (One Sunday Or One Monthly Donations, Tithe) monthly bases. I request to you please send us help our ministry through prayer & financial support very small scale like ($,£,€,15,25,35,50,100,250) help for our ministry monthly bases.

I’m very busy preparing the hungry, unsaved souls, last sheep for word of God and for Jesus Christ in the end time. We know that about Jesus Christ is coming soon. I have been busy doing God’s work 10 hour days at the preaching, social welfare and other ministry activities. Please pray for our everyday work for God. I’m living by faith myself and I’m trusting God everyday to supply our ministry needs also. We testify together of all that God blessed us with. Please keep in touch with me. I hope & believe in Christ open the door from heaven for our ministry needs through you and other beloved Brother/Sister and previous servant of Christ. I’m happy you are doing a great Job for Jesus Christ, please be encouraged and accept great things from God. I’m so thankful that you spread the Good News of Jesus & saved many souls, people from around the world. I’m so thankful that you love me enough to lift my family, ministry and our all needs up to
the throne of Christ. Truly, I want to thank you, because your friendship means a lot of me. Please keep me in your prayers and I’m keeping you in mind. I am here praying for your people my people through Christ Jesus!

Yours Servant in Christ!

Reverend Pervaiz Khokhar
The Preaching Society & Social Welfare Services
Mohallah Rasool Pura Street No 7
Jhumra City 37700
Telephone: +92-41-8527541
Mobilephone: +92-300-7914561

International Full Gospel Fellowship (IFGF Pakistan) encouraged all people around world to come forward and help Pakistanis in this time of need on humanitarian grounds, they are victim of worse flood, so please donate and help these kids, ladies and good citizen.

Yours in Christ

Rev.Nawaz Bhatti
World Harvest Pakistan &
International Full Gospel Fellowship

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Who is Beloved Reverend Betty Ann Wagner?

To all my co-wayfarer around the world. We all know who is Beloved Reverend Betty Ann Wagner and the Wayfarers Ministries. I hope to share a glimpse of our beloved mentor to others. So, we can appreciate and be thankful about her great work that impact the churches and ministries in the developing world.
Few word is written about this great leader and worker of God. That help countless life around the world. Many of the unknown missionaries and pastor's that serve remote places have forgotten or receive few help. But, Wayfarers Ministries never forget them, who labor in God's work. This inspire the EAT Module to also never forget those who labor and serve in God's work. God bless us all. To God be the Glory. Many thanks, Bro. Winz,5540441

Aplaya Tech ( Coastal Community Technology Transfer )

Mangrove Feeds Formula from Dr. Gordon Sato:
" We feed mangrove leaves and dried mangrove seeds. The seeds are best allowed to germinate for a few days --- about three. We supplement with a few grams of dried fish meal made from fish wastes like bones and intestines. Grind the fish meal so the bones don"t the hurt the goats or sheep. Good luck. Gordon Sato "

Goat Raising using Mangrove as feeds:

Watch and learn:



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Herbal Tech ( Alternative Health Aspect )

Read and Learn:

Real Dengue Fever Cure:
Dengue fever is so commonly diagnosed in my country, the Philippines, that it seems a travesty for people to die from this simple disease that should be easy and routinely cured. This is my blue print to cure my own children if they somehow contracted dengue fever.

Real cure to cancer, diabetes, heart and kidney problem and other sickness and diseases: No surgery or operation.


Some homemade remedy info:

Barrio Tech ( Community technology transfer)

Welcome to EMAS! Our goal for more than twenty years has been to provide wolrdwide as many people as possible with clear drinking water... We are proud to present you our association, it's concept and as well it's several projects and technologies. Through our web presence, we appeal to everybody interested in this subject who wants to support this project. Specially we want to address those who want to apply our technologies themselves (see particularly: "Virtual Training")! EMAS is the Spanish acronym for Mobile School for Water and Sanitation. It is based in Bolivia, and run by Wolfgang Eloy Buchner. EMAS is not only the name of the mobile school for water and sanitation, but also a whole technical and social concept of water and sanitation which includes rain water harvesting, solar water heaters, windpower, hydraulic rams, water treatment, small tanks and sinks, a variety of hand and foot pumps, and ferrocement tanks. English version: Watch and learn:

Kubo Tech ( Backyard livelihood technology transfer)

How to make coco sugar and virgin coconut oil?

Uses of Banana: ( Include how to make banana chip and vinegar?)

Korean Natural Farming System:

Home-made organic fertilizer:

Free livelihood technology:

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What is our wealth or asset?

Many will say, we are a poor country?
And lots of natural disaster like typhoon, flooding and others.
As we always believe as of now.
But, we never believe our country the Philippines is poor.
We have a good tropical country.
We called paradise and rich in natural resources.
We have a great and best human resources and people called Filipinos.
That other countries is looking for our service.
We have the nature and people to develop to make us a great nation.
What we lack is belief in our capability to do something?
Our character and mindset are not yet ready.
Upon harnessing this potential in God's way.
We can be truly called a blessed nation.
Never accept we are poor. We curse ourself of this.
See crisis as an opportunities.
We must begin to set our mind, word and work.
That we are truly a blessed people and nation.
God is good, despite our shortcoming.
My friend and brethen around the Philippines and the world, your now truly blessed.
Never measure wealth and riches in material aspect.
Your life, faith, family, health, friend and other priceless moment are your riches.
This make a better person.
As our part, we share to you appropriate technology for all people to use it.
Hope and pray for your success in life.
God bless us all.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Way out of Poverty ?

A global problem that is never been solve ever since the human civilization.
Many unanswer question, Why the world have many poor people?
Many have tried but fail to solve it.
Many believe that poverty rooted from sin.
Yes, some part of it.
But the other parts and factors of poverty is still unanswer.
Our team is trying to answer some part of the problem.
Hope you be part of solving this problem.
Many of poverty problem is mindset.
But it still part of the problem.
We have unravel some major breakthrough on answering the big poverty puzzle.
One of poverty contributor is witholding the knowledge.
We experience, observe and study that few people really own the knowledge and wealth of the world. They called it colonial economic strategy and policy.
This is one of the untold story of our humanity.
The powerful and the wealthy own it all.
Anywhere you go the same situation.
Sad for the poor to own a piece of the blessing.
We have learn to unravel or untangle the poverty solution in a self-help way.
This maybe simple or new to you. Hope your open-mind and interest will open a new opportunities to you and your church or community.
We have learn that sharing the knowledge generate blessing and wealth.
Witholding, keeping or hiding the knowledge produce curse.
You will observe people of wealth and power tend to waste lots of money for worldly things and pleasure. To make them momentarily happy or satisfied. After that is emptiness or curses.
We hope, we can work to break this poverty situation by empowering the people to solve the problem.
It's a long and challenging task to do it. But, we believe we can all do it.
Keep faith, keep on working, the success will come. God bless us all.

Why we share this technology transfer to all?

You maybe wandering why we share this technology transfer to all? Just like sharing the gospel, it's for all. The same principle apply in our work at EAT Module.
Still why? What is the catch? There is no free lunch now-a-day.
Many will believe we have some hidden agenda.
We been working with many churches in the past. The same mindset and question.
We proven to many churches our work a decade ago.
Hundred of churches in Southern Tagalog Region of the Philippines have received free tract, like the Gospel of John Booklet (with a little boat in front cover) from Evey Home Crusade Of North Ireland and Sowers of the Word Ministries Philippines.
The Michael Howe Project (Australia) Bible to the Philippines with Bible League.
And many others church project we help bring to the churches.
Maybe we just met now. Hope this will be the beginning of a great partnership with you church.
Our work have been silent or inactive for a decade in the Philippines.
The reality, our work continue in India. This is the shift of ministry work that God's lead us. Personally, many discouraging news and event unfold in the Philippines. But, God is faithful to lead us and teach us in preparation of this work across the Philippines. The humbleness of Christian in India teach me to appreciate the simple things in life. In the Philippines, christian denomination and church tend to outdo each other and forgetting the main purpose of sharing the gospel and saving soul. They tend to do is church piracy, getting brethren from other church. They now called member.
We tend to call other unchristian, non-christian or pagan, if not belong to our church.
It's a sad situation, the only christian nation in Asia. But the situation is worst than the non-christian nation in other country. The reality, what we called non-christian or pagan have open my perspective and humble me. The non-christian people of other country live the way of life of a christian should be. The simplicity of life, sharing and caring.
It's a big wake-up call for us.
"Pagan they maybe but christian in deeds, We maybe called Christian but our deed is like pagan" Some will misunderstand me. But, reality hurt, if it is true.
We hope to help mobilise churches in a self-help initiative to help brethren and church to solve the poverty problem of our communities.
The truth, God is leading us to help response to the prayer of many churches. To help Pastor's family and brethren in this crucial time of our world.
The faith and blessing must be share and experience by all.
We will never share prosperity gospel to you. But real hardwork and smart work is the only way out of poverty.
We hope and pray we became as one christian society, regardless of denomination or church.
This is the amusing situation in other nation, christian is tag as one. Regardless your catholic, protestant, baptist, lutheran, pentecostal, methodist, anglican, wesleyan, nazarene, non-denominational, evangelical and others. If you believe in Jesus Christ your a christian.
We welcome you to this wonderful work of EAT Module, assistance to self-help.
Practicing the sharing principle. Hope we can share to you free of charge technology transfer. Some appropriate technology center, do charge some minimal fee for technology transfer is upon your discretion. But, we will share and guide you along the way. Thank you. God bless us all. To God be the Glory.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Who am I ?

As an appropriate technology advocate. A follower and co-wayfarer of Beloved Reverend Betty Ann Wagner of Wayfarers Ministries. That been working, serving and helping the missionaries and churches in the developing world (Third world) for more than 4 decade regardless of affiliation or denomination in a 100% ministry and 0% overhead principle. A global brother and sister in Christ's that been blessed by the work of Wayfarers Ministries in the hundred of nation across the globe. That is following the sharing principle of Wayfarers Ministries. That have inspire me to continue this ministry and the development of EAT Module. The new hope is emerging in our world today. Despite all the bad situation lots of us experience. Many still find new ways to help improve the life. Thank you, Wayfarers Ministries, Pastor's of COSAM (Mindanao, Philippines), Ministries / Churches & Pastor's of Andhra Pradesh South India, Church and Ministry Partner around the world, Appropriate Technology Center and all the inventor & scientist who share your knowledge to the world. In behalf of EAT Module (Assistance to self-help) Team, who continue to believe that whatever bad situation in the end there is still light & hope. That continue to inspire me and the team to go on in sharing the work toward others. From Central Mindanao Philippines & Repalle Andhra Pradesh, South India, where the situation of poverty is the birthplace of this work. Have given new hope and opportunity to many people in many places. As we continue to share this work around the world. As we act now, our tomorrow will not be the same. Thank you. God bless us all.

Introduction to Appropriate Technology


SNAP Hydroponic (Simple Nutrients Addition Program)
An alternative system of growing plants without soil. It uses an inert media and a nutrient solution containing essential elements needed by the plant to grow.

ROPE PUMP is a kind of pump where a loose hanging rope is lowered down into a well and drawn up through a long pipe with the bottom immersed in water. On the rope, round disks or knots matching the diameter of the pipe are attached which pull the water to the surface.

BioSand Water Filters are a technological adaptation of the centuries old slow sand filtration process. While implementations exist in many different sizes and varieties, the most common design is intended for use in rural homes where naturally safe or treated water sources are not available.

Technology for the Poor's mission is to develop, innovate and disseminate sustainable technologies to the poor all over the world.

The Center for Rice Husk Energy Technology (CRHET) is a newly established office at the CPU College of Agriculture, Resources and Environmental Sciences, that focuses on the utilization of rice husks as fuel. The Center obtained funding support from Rolex Awards for Enterprise 2008, particularly for the rice husk gas stove technology. The aim is to provide information on rice husk energy technologies developed by Engr. Alexis Belonio of Central Philippine University to various industries around the world especially in Asia.

EMAS is a Mobile School for Water and Sanitation based in Bolivia, and run by Wolfgang Eloy Buchner. EMAS is also a whole technical and social concept of water and sanitation which includes manual drilling, rain water harvesting, solar water heaters, wind power, hydraulic rams, water treatment, small tanks and sinks, a variety of hand and foot pumps, and ferrocement water storage tanks.

Center of Bicycle Technology
Maya Pedal is a Guatemalan NGO based in San Andreas Itzapa

Clay for Earth - Sustainable Solutions for Livable Communities
A user-driven database of practical, sustainable worldwide resources for more livable communities, with special emphasis on developing countries.

An eco-KALAN is a portablestove made of clay consisting of three components: the outer shell (kalan) on which the cooking pot sits; the inner chamber (rocket elbow) where the combustion takes place; and a shelf with air holes to hold the fuel. The space between the kalan and the combustion chamber is filled with wood ash for insulation.

Appropriate Rural Technology Institute
A scientific and social research NGO for energy,agriculture and rural developement issues of India and world.

No-wash-pigs Technology:
An Easy Way to Manage PiggeriesKeeping the piggery clean and odorless has always been a challenge for hog raisers but this is more difficult for small-scale growers who raise pigs in the backyard They need to wash their pigpens more often to keep their neighbor from complaining;wap2=

Herbana Farms is a 4 hectare ecological organic demonstration farm that specializes in the production of herbs, organic salad greens, specialty vegetables, free-range chickens and tilapia aquaculture. It also serves as a training venue for people who wants to learn the different organic and natural farming technologies – these include the Biodynamic-French Intensive, Agroecology and Korean Natural Farming

Appropriate Technology for Small and Subsistence Farms

Rodale Institute, Leaders in Organic Solutions for Global Warming ..Details of research and promotion
of sustainable farming practices.

Cabiokid is a permaculture development site located on a 5,5 ha property in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija on the island of Luzon, Philippines

Natural Organic and Biological Farming

This group is created to share ideas, thoughts, recipes, links, etc about eating and enjoying a raw vegan food and growing it organically here in the Philippines. It's also about sharing the kind of agro-forestry technology that can turn 60 sq meters of land into a permanent source of food for a family of five.

The Manzanar Project ( Mangrove Technology)

This is the official site of the Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation, Inc. (AIDFI).

The Mad Housers is an Atlanta-based nonprofit group engaged in direct action to shelter the homeless.

Straw-bale construction is a building method that uses bales of straw (commonly wheat, rice, rye and oats straw) as structural elements, building insulation, or both. This construction method is commonly used in natural building or "green" construction projects. Straw-bale construction has some advantages over conventional building systems because of the renewable nature of straw, its cost, easy availability, and its high insulation value is a world leader in straw bale construction. We provide cutting edge information on straw bale, straw bale house building and straw bale home

Your one stop source for FREE plans. Make a GREENHOUSE, Pastured Poultry Pen, Cold Frame, Quad ATV Golfcart Carport, Banner Holder, and more out of PVC pipe

Global Appropriate Technology Ministries
GATM began as a student organization at Baylor University known as Engineers with a Mission. It is now a national non-profit creating avenues for mission-minded engineers to serve the underdeveloped nations and impoverished regions of the world.
The purpose of Global Appropriate Technology Ministries is to train and mobilize engineers for discipline-specific service in developing and mission communities. Global Appropriate Technology Ministries is committed to demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ in word, deed, and design.
The best technical consulting for the best price (free) with the best news (Jesus Christ)!

Develop, Produce and Distribute unique tools and training for frontier areas.
Train and Equip indigenous God-followers to care for the physical and spiritual needs of their people.
Build Bridges of understanding and partnership between Christian churches in developed nations and those in frontier areas.

About us: Ebanghelyo at Teknolohiya Module

Ebanghelyo at Teknolohiya Module
(Assistance to self-help)

About Us:

Ebanghelyo at Teknolohiya Module (EAT Module) is a self-help module or training for church partner for the implementation of self-help initiative program or livelihood project for brethren and community.
This work started a decade ago from a group of Pastor in Mindanao (CAMACOP).
(Who are church planter, tentmaker and missionary).
They started the COSAM, a non-government organization to seek help from existing organization in the Philippines and abroad. Identify as a church-based organization.
No one bother to help the group of Pastor. Despite the good intention, they do not want to support this work.
Due to religious issue and background.
Despite the discouraging situation, trusting God is the driving force.
The helplessness of people across the country is getting worse due to unabated poverty.
The passion to help despite the situation have cultivate to continue this work.
As follower and co-wayfarer of Wayfarers Ministries of Beloved Reverend Betty Ann Wagner. The 100% ministries and o% overhead principle of volunteerism have continue to inspire the team to share this work to all.
This inspire the development of EAT Module as God’s lead.
In cooperation with existing appropriate technology center.
The doable technology transfer is given to church partner for application and implementation.
This go beyong in raising hog, opening sari-sari store or carinderia in the neighborhood.
The EAT module is develop to teach people to believe in themselves.
The potential to rise from the situation and do something.
The EAT module never conflict with doctrine of the church. It has no political affinity or affiliation.

That welcome all faith, all denomination and people to work for a common goal to help uplift the lives of the poor.
This started the work that open the door to welcome all faith and people around the world to share this God's given knowledge and technology to all.
The guiding principle to all partner is One World, One Hope and One Future.
Never promote hidden agenda, respect individual or group perspective.
The EAT module provide framework, lead or guide only.
The church partner is the real mover in this module.
As a group, we provide technology transfer and continuous partnership.
As church partner success, The partner is mandated to replicate this work toward others.

EAT Module Category:

Kubo Tech ( Backyard livelihood technology transfer)

Barrio Tech ( Community technology transfer)

Herbal Tech ( Alternative Health Aspect )

Aplaya Tech ( Coastal Community Technology Transfer )

The EAT Module Distance Learning provide:

Pastor to the Barrio Training
( Rural Development Training Course )
Applicable after Bible School
(Offer free for online training only to all interested church worker or individual)
Email us if interested.


To honor God and Advance His Kingdom thru Appropriate Technology.


To equip church partner to help themselves while serving God.

Our work:

Is committed to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ in word and deed.

Our goal:

As gospel is continue to be share, soul is save, life is bless.

Our aim:

No more hopeless people in our world.

How to take part?

The three T’s?

Talent: Be an technician, trainor, fabricator / applicator.

Time: Remember us in prayer and help us do the work.

Treasure: Help us in sponsorship or funding project / program.

Invitation to all:

How to make this EAT Module work? If we done it in evangelism, discipleship, cell group, bible study and others church activity. We can do it for our situation to have a change. Do you want your church, family and brethren to be out of poverty. Let us join our work for a better purpose.
Thank you. God bless us all. To God be the Glory.
Many thanks!!!

Write us:

EAT Module
PO Box 131
Lucena City
4301 Quezon